Effect Of Low/High Voltage on Electricity Bill

 What is the effect of Low/High Voltage on Electricity Bill? How much energy we are consuming decides our electricity bill i.e. billing is done on kilowatt-hour basis (after some fixed charge) used by our electrical equipment to perform mechanical work or lighting. A kilowatt-hour is the unit of electricity, known as Board of Trade Unit. […]


Protection of Home Appliances

Last Updated: July 10th, 2015 | By Jeewan Garg It is the peak summer time in India. Lot of shortage & Erratic Electrical supply is there. If you do not take necessary precautions, this summer may spoil your mood & budget.   Following are  few points to take care:   Get all Air conditioned serviced […]

250 kva Servo Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizer manufacturers in India

Last Updated: July 05th, 2015 | By Jeewan Garg There are many servo stabilizer manufacturers in India. And Specially Delhi is the hub of Servo Stabilizer manufacturers. The costing of Delhi’s manufacturer can not beaten by any state’s manufacturer because raw material (mainly copper is used in Servo Stabilizer ) is easily available and there […]

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