Use an Isolation transformer to have 100% Shock Proof Home

We all have got some mild shock in one way or another in our lifetime, or at least have either read about it or seen people meeting an ill-fate of getting shocked, There’s nothing new in it. If you have to use electricity and want to avail the comfort of life, then you have to […]

How to stop Power Failures in Rainy Season?

We all enjoy the rain, and so you would be! Isn’t it? But nothing comes alone; everything comes in a package. All coins have two sides and so do rain have. It brings joys and sorrows both. With rain comes the electrical failures and with it comes the production loss in industries and inconvenient life […]

Servostar Voltage Stabilizers for Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing Machines

What are Non-Woven bags? The Non-Woven bags are made up of polypropylene polymers.  These polypropylene polymers are spun using heat and air into cotton candy-like long fluffy threads. The long-fluffy threads are later pressed together between hot rollers to come out with a solid fabric having complete flexibility and a weave-like texture that appears similar […]

How the isolation transformers significantly reduce voltage spikes?

What is an Isolation Transformer? A transformer is a static electrical device which transfers power from one voltage level to another while keeping the frequency same. And, if the primary and secondary windings are coupled through a common iron core, they are considered as the Isolation Transformers. The secondary winding, as usual in transformers, is […]

Difference Between MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB and RCD

The MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB and RCD are more often controversial most of the time to select from and to install in homes, commercials or instead industries too, and the reason is simple as neither the user nor the electrical contractor knows their difference precisely, resulting in investing money in an excellent electrical installation without […]

Why do Transformers fail?

Yes, you heard, right. Transformers if left periodically unchecked fails. They need minimum maintenance but do require maintenance to perform year after year successfully. Everything needs maintenance, and so does the transformers. The failures could be because of human failures or could be because of electrical or mechanical reasons.But what are transformers and why they […]

What is a Step Up Transformer?

What is the Transformer? A transformer is a static, passive electrical device that transfers the electrical energy galvanically between two or more circuits. The changing current in a coil produces a changing magnetic flux in the same coil, which in turn induces a varying emf (electromotive force) across another winding, wounded on the same core. […]

How to prevent the poor Servo stabilizer from damaging the equipment?

Ever faced the continuous failure of many electrical or electronic gadgets or appliances suddenly happening over a small period. Yes! You are right. It happens with many of us. It so happens that within a few months, we got replaced many of our appliances, without even knowing why it is happening. And, as long as […]

Difference between Servo Stabilizer & Static Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations both upwards and downwards are a common site in most Indian places due to an inconsistent power supply. These voltage fluctuations have a damaging effect on our electrical appliances, which reduces the normal life of these appliances. When the voltage of the house reduces, the electric current in the appliances spikes up, this […]

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