How installing Servostar Servo Stabilizer leads to tremendous saving when compared to other stabilizers?


We all like savings. Don’t you! Saving is something that instantly raises our interest, light a bulb in our mind, alert us and make us more attentive, irrespective of the source from where it’s coming. It’s rather more soothing when it’s coming from some unknown source which we don’t know and don’t even believe that it can also bring us some extra money.

Our Servostar servo stabilizer is one such wonderful equipment that not only protects your equipment from the voltage fluctuations while adding to its life but also results in substantial savings when compared to other stabilizers. Yes, we are talking about our Servostar servo stabilizers which come in the range of 5 KVA to 500 KVA and are widely available across pan India. You could either get it from our dealer network or order it online. Our stabilizers are ready to dispatch and would reach you in three to four days.

Our Servostar servo stabilizers are highly efficient and are far superior to other make stabilizers available in the market. Let’s put it straight, Our stabilizers are 98.5% efficient in comparison to the other make stabilizers which are just 90-95% efficient. So, what’s so great about having a few numbers better than the others? It’s an obvious question which strikes us. Isn’t it? You got it right, the difference in the efficiencies of our product and the competitors is just 3.5% (98.5% – 95% = 3%), but does it matter. Yes, it does, it matters, this 3.5% has a tremendous effect on our savings. We will show you how it is-

  1. Servo stabilizer’s efficiency = 98.5%
  2. Other stabilizers efficiency available in the market = 95%
  3. Difference in the efficiencies = 3.5%
  4. Let’s take the rating of stabilizer you procure to be as of 500 KVA
  5. 3.5% (saving in efficiency) of 500 KVA = 17.5 KVA
  6. This will lead to number of units saved = 17.5 x 12 x300 = 63,000 Units
  7. Total Savings in Rs. considering per unit cost as Rs. 6.00 per unit = 63000 x 6 = Rs. 3,78,000

Wow! So, you saved an amazing Rs. 3,78,000/- just by installing Servostar servo stabilizer in spite of installing some other cheap make. Now, you would agree that it’s wiser to go for Servostar servo stabilizer rather than for some other make.  But it doesn’t end here.

Now, here comes a billion-dollar question, why someone won’t go for our Servostar servo stabilizer when compared to others. The reason is straight, simple and obvious, because of the low price, which may sound interesting at the point of purchase, but will drain out your pocket daily, slowly and slowly. The more you use it, the more it drains. A common man doesn’t realize the potential of 3.5% better efficiency. Rather they don’t understand what all this efficiency is about and how it matters when not going with the highest available.

Servostar servo stabilizer is known for it’s quality, reliability, best features and the remarkable after sales service. We are here in the industry from last more than ten years and have become a trustworthy brand in industrial as well as domestic market. Our repeat clients now and then refer us to all and come to us for all their need, from installing a new machine in their plant to going for a new AC at their residence.

We offer a wide range of single phase to three-phase stabilizers to cater to all requirements of domestic and industrial applications including metal processing equipment, production lines, construction devices, large type electromechanical equipment, elevators, medical equipment, jewellery industry, textile mills, air-conditioners, etc. In addition to Servostar servo stabilisers, we also provide reliable and efficient distribution transformers and isolation transformers.