Solar Inverter Duty Transformer



Specifications of Solar Inverter Duty Transformer


(a) Less Voltage Variation in Solar Duty Transformer
(b) Harmonic Content Distortion < 1%
(c) Primary Winding :  2,3,4,5
(d) Oil Filling through Oil Impregnation procedure (Adapted generally for EHV transformer). It leads to enhanced life
(e) Mineral Oil or Silicone Oil or as per requirement
(f) Electrolytic Grade Copper winding
(g) Low loss CRGO Silicon steel for core
(h) Step lap construction & mitered joints for core
(i) Designed for extreme system supply variations and ambient temperature
(j) Losses as per star rating (if required) as per BEE
(k) Low Power Loss and Low Noise


Salient Features

Rating: 100 KVA – 5000 KVA
Voltage Class: Upto 33 kV
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz or as per requirement
Tap Types: Off Circuit Tap Switch / On Load Tap Changer
Temperature Rise: 50 deg C in Oil and 55 deg C in Winding or as per requirement
Vector Group: Dyn11 or as per requirement
Cooling: ONAN / ONAF etc

Solar Inverter Duty Transformers are a custom designed transformer. So designing is done according to your requirement like voltage, power, low losses etc…


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