Step Down Transformer 2 KVA




Input Voltage : 415  / 220 Volt AC

Output Voltage : 220 / 110 Volt AC

Frequency : 50 Hz.

Input Connection : Star

Output Connection : Star

Coupling Capacitance : Less than 0.01 pF

C.M.N.R. : 100 db

DC Galvanic Insulation : Over 100Mega Ohms between any winding Or winding to ground

Type of Cooling :  Air Cooled / Oil Cooled

Ambient temperature : -10C – 550C

Transformer Ratio : 1.5

Power Factor : 0.75 Lag to lead

VI Electric strength : 2500 V AC for 120 sec.

Insulation Resistance : More Than 100M Ohms.

Class of Insulation : Class ‘F’

Losses : 3% – 5%

As mentioned above 2kva Step down transformer is basically from 400 Volt to 220 Volt ( Three Phase ) or 220 Volt to 110 Volt ( Single Phase ). But this is a custom built item and ServoStar is one of the best 2KVA Step Down Transformer Manufacturers in India. If customer /application has different requirement we at Servostar can design from any Input range. As the name ( Step Down Transformer ) suggest  the device which downs the voltage from actual voltage to the desired one.  In most  European countries the supply voltage is 220 Volt, thus the equipment are designed accordingly, But if the same equipment are used in India we have to have Step down Transformer for the same equipment. You can get connected with us if you are looking for the best quote of 2KVA Step Down Transformer Price. We manufacture and supply best quality distribution transformers all over India.


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