Protection of home appliances with Servo

India is a vast country with the population increasing daily and the power sector is still facing hardships to transfer proper current to parts of the country. Even despite having a good network of power connectivity across the urban sector, there are areas that still thrive to get a uniform uninterrupted power supply to homes and industries. Ergo, protection of equipment becomes necessary.

Protection of home appliances with Servo

Why Servo only?

Heavy industries often have uniform power problems from high consumption of electricity. They run equipment that requires extensive current supply which must be uniformly distributed to the machines every second as low and high voltage could damage indigenous instruments and machines. Not only the commercial workplace, but residential areas also face this issue. In summer, when temperature crosses above 40 in most northern and southern areas, power demand crosses limit that leads to fluctuations and overload. An air conditioner sucks a major portion of current at peak hours. Therefore to avoid its trip, a voltage stabilizer becomes a must for every household and business entity to have an optimum electricity regulation.

Servo is here as a savior to protect all your equipment at all times! The whole system is ever ready to fight unexpected voltage problems. Be it immediate overload, under load or fluctuating current, Servo will handle this glitch with great perfection and deliver most optimum power your premises need. Regulated by a Servo motor, its inbuilt autotransformer and Buck\Boost transformer booster correct voltage fluctuations instantly and give the desired output. This method is much more pronounced over traditional stabilizers to keep waveform distortion at bay. In addition, the error amplifier handles erroneous voltage transmission and the carbon brush smoothly adjusts voltage supply. Delicate electronic and electrical gadgets like refrigerator, air-conditioner, LED TVs, water pumps, etc. need undeviating power as overload or low power can destroy their circuit in a jiffy. It obviously becomes a wise decision to install a Servo stabilizer because the only Servo gives +/-1% voltage variation and good cover to the household equipment. With an idle consumption of less than 1% of total electrical units, Servo voltage stabilizer is the prime protection against overload, short circuit and low voltage.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers are very affordably priced but are high in demand because of their voltage calibration and a relay free operation. The idle time of current consumption is also 1% in Servo as conventional transformers consume over 5% of power when not in use.

There are a few points we can keep in mind to take care of our equipment:

  1. Use good wires that can resist heat in the winding of the house.
  2. Avoid using spliced wire instead use a single piece to each connection.
  3. Check if the open neutral and light connections are protected by insulation.
  4. Install miniature circuit breaker to control any overloading.
  5. Use only ISI stamped switches and sockets.
  6. Get your air conditioner serviced on a timely basis as running it without proper maintenance will cause higher electricity consumption.
  7. Hot wires need to be checked and replaced at the earliest.
  8. Regularly check for voltage transmission on your stabilizer.
  9. Always use Servo voltage stabilizer to protect your expensive equipment.

Obviously, if we talk of a smart power controller, then Servo stabilizers have no other substitute.