Servo Stabilizer for CNC Machines

stabilizer for CNC machine

Servo voltage stabilizer gives complete stable output supply in case of unbalanced voltage under any server condition. It is available to suit the input voltage variations to protect CNC machines.

Before we discuss more about the benefits of the servo stabilizer for the CNC machine, let’s talk about main problem area of the CNC machine accrued due to the voltage fluctuation.Most of the CNC machines are either a 3-phase, 4-wire grounded service from 208Y/120V to 480Y/277V, or a 3-phase ungrounded service at 480V delta or 240V delta. These services require a grounding electrode conductor for electrical power system to building the grounding electrode system, which consists of every earth electrodes.

These grounding electrode (conductor & System) are meant to provide a low-impedance path to earth for lightning surge or electrical fault currents and reference the building electrical system to its surroundings area.

Mostly, a CNC machine’s signal reference is a common wire of its computer logic power supply connected to the machine’s ground plate. The ground plate is bonded to the machine’s enclosure, equipment grounding conductor thereafter to the building grounding electrode system.  So the equipment ground establishes the local signal reference both within the CNC machine and for any remotely connected devices.

CNC machines contained in a cabinet with good grounding, bonding, and shielding should be relatively immune to noise or stray currents. Therefore, these machines with data links may be quite susceptible to stray currents. It’s just because the other area of the factory would also have a signal reference ground. The different reference ground points may increase a CNC machine’s sensitivity to power disturbances. That is the main reason for the malfunctioning of the CNC machines which may not be noticed by the owner of any company or any responsible person.

Servo star has come up with the optimal solution of the problem that would not only save the money of CNC machine owner but it would save their priceless time too.

Servo stabilizer is used with CNC machines to protect it from unbalanced voltage. As CNC machines are costly & key components of any manufacturing company. If there is a voltage fluctuation these machine may malfunction because CNC machine comprises of the microcomputer that acts as the controller unit of the machine. These machines are available with different types such as: CNC Lathe, CNC Grinders, and CNC Routers but every machine requires Servo stabilizer for the better performance or result.

Features of servo star CNC Machine Stabilizers

  • Automatic & manual operation from Panel control system.
  • It is based with low and high voltage limits.
  • Fully Automatic with Manual system mode facilities
  • Fast correction rate with 20 to 90v/as.
  • Response timing is 10 milliseconds.
  • Fully IC controlled High- technique grade component reliable for shooting and special sensing.
  • Authentic and consistent performance.
  • It has the efficiency up to 98%.
  • Every unit is sock tested to insure trouble free operation.
  • Built-in digital metering for measurement of voltage, current Frequency if required.
  • With a Circuit thatensures constant Output Voltage even with distorted input from a DG set.
  • No noise or transient generated by the system because of its isolated servo drive.
  • It has relay free operation.

Today, Servo star voltage stabilizer is best suited for CNC Machines automation with AC drives and for other computer controlled systems. These machines cannot sustain voltage fluctuation for the time that Servo Stabilizer takes it to correct. Servo star Stabilizers is a perfect solution, if line voltage correction speed is required for Induction motors, CNC Machines, AC drives and other computer controlled systems, due to voltage fluctuation.
When we talk about the industrial application Servo star Stabilizers will be always a better option, to eliminate break downs and to ensure better functioning of CNC machines, Automated Production machines and other important appliances of the industries.

Benefits of Servo Star CNC machine Stabilizer:

  • Instantlysteady and accurate the voltage.
  • Constant output voltage, despite load current variations.
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input misbalance.
  • It is energy saving with 98% efficiency.
  • Reduces heating and increases the life of your machines.
  • To surge suppression, voltage cut-off, Low& High Voltage overload and additional metering.
  • Protection, by MCB, Single phase prevention, bypass of servo with main Line.

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