Servo Stabilizer for CNC Router


Automation and precision are the two revolutionary advantages, the computer numerical control machines have brought in, and there is nothing better than them when it comes to getting repeat jobs with perfect accuracy and precision besides increasing the productivity with minimum rework and wastage.

The CNC routers are one such boon the technology has brought in to produce a consistent and world-class quality to do milling type of jobs with numerical control.

What is a CNC router?

A CNC router is similar to the hand-held router with a computer numerical control used for cutting various kinds of different materials like wood, aluminium, steel, glass composites, plastics, and foams, to name a few.

They are unlike jig routers and can effectively produce repeated identical production.

What can CNC routers do?

CNC routers are similar to milling machines with a simple difference that instead of routing by hand, there is a computer numerical control to control the tool paths.

A good number of carpentry shop jobs can be conveniently done by it, similar to those as done by the boring machine, spindle moulder and panel saw.

These CNC routers are also used in cutting mortise and tenons.

What are their general applications?

They are generally used in producing items like wood panels, musical instruments, wooden frames, door carvings, signboards, and other decorative pieces besides hundreds of other applications where preciseness is the game.

So, when the technology is that good, are we making the best out of it?

No, absolutely not.

It is not only the technology and the machine that can pour in the desired results and can lead to an increase in productivity with amazing quality and minimum scrap and rework. There are many other factors too that are responsible for churning fantastic revenue.

A consistent and un-fluctuated power as per the machine’s specification is a dire must to run production smoothly without wasting time, energy, and money on maintenance, service charges, and non-productive production periods owing to the machine breakdowns.

The machine breakdowns further result in the rework and the rejected output, which happens because of the abrupt interruption of running machines, because of poor electrical power supplied by the utility, which could even have been through some voltage stabilizer.

But why is it happening?

The electrical power scenario in our country is pathetic, firstly on the duration for which it is available and secondly on even if it is available is it worth running our machines on it.

The commonly available voltage stabilizers badly fail to rectify the power coming from the utility because of the surges and the spikes the power is available with besides extreme under-voltage during peak hours and sudden overvoltage during lean hours.

What should one do?

The need of the hour is to procure some branded servo voltage stabilizer that has a proven track record of operating in such adverse power conditions without fail.

Servostar Voltage Stabilizers are the cutting-edge servo voltage stabilizers serving across PAN India in the toughest and the most pathetic electrical power condition areas.

What else could one opt for to have smooth production without any stop?

One should also go for an isolated transformer besides going for Servostar Voltage Stabilizers to save one’s machines from nearby neighbourhood injected power flaws and other earthing failures that could arise because of substation earthing and other lightning faults.

Servostar Voltage Stabilizers also provide world-class isolation transformers along with the complete range of other industrial transformers.

What are the features one should look into?

One should look for a robust and rugged servo voltage stabilizer of correct rating and specifications, as mentioned by the CNC router machine manufacturer. However, it must have the following features-

  1. High Overload Capacity
  2. Low Undervoltage Capacity
  3. Immediate Correction
  4. Noise Free
  5. Surges and Spike Free
  6. Complete Harmonics Free output
  7. No Hunting and No Oscillations

What rating of Servo Voltage Stabilizers are generally used for CNC routers?

Generally, 10 kVA – Single phase or Three phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers are used around the industry for CNC routers. However, one must go as per the specifications received from the machine manufacturer.

Servostar Voltage Stabilizers 

We, Servostar Servo Voltage Stabilizers, are an established renowned manufacturer based out of India and are catering to entire pan India in power equipment like Servo Stabilizers and all other types of transformers. 

We have a proven track record of supplying quality transformers and servo voltage stabilizers to various industries, commercial setups, residences, and the utility. We do provide consultancies also.

Our equipment are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with world-class raw material and latest technologies. We are successfully catering to the industry from last more than 20 years and have our transformers and stabilizers operating in broadly all different types of industries across PAN India.

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