Servo Stabilizer for Food Processing Cold Storage Plant

To discuss about the uses & benefits of the servo stabilizer for food processing machines in cold storage plants, let me tell you little bit about these machines. Food processing machines are fabricated from superior quality materials and available in different capacities. These machines are Ideal for freezing whole fish, fillets, poultry product, meat products, dairy product & packaged foods and vegetables.

The  Machinery & Equipment for Preparation, Processing for various products, it can be designed to meet specific requirements of the clients and frozen storage Automation degree up to-20 degree Celsius for Fruits & Vegetables, Seafood & Meat Products, Dairy Product and Bio-Medical Products etc.

Today, use of electrics and food processing machines has been increased in India due to increment of weather warming and population. If we talk about the power supply, the Indian power sector faces the crisis of bridging the gap between the demand and supply of electricity. The unstable power supply so produced has led to loss in storage plant machines equipment. To combat the problems of power fluctuations, cold storage industries depend on the stabilizers to stabilize the power supply for expensive machineries.

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Before we discuss about the utility of the servo stabilizer for cold storage plants, let’s look up to the process of the food storage plant to keep its food & other material safe and cool. Firstly In-feed Prewashing , Washing , Preparation , Peeling , Extraction and Standardization,  Paste ration, Cooling  after then  Block Freezing up to -20 degree Celsius, Pulping ,  Fruit cubes Pre-cooling, Freezing then come to Tidbits Storage. This process may not complete, if there is any malfunction accrued to cold storage machine due to voltage fluctuation or a power cut.

Usually, the electric power in industries is often unstable ­voltage dips, surges and power cuts are a common occurrence. Unfortunately, a power disturbance due to lightning strikes or a temporary glitch in the electricity supply is all it takes to lose the valuable machinery. The cold storage machines which require heavy investment are prone to breakdown even due to slight variation in voltage.

We also have to understand about the fluctuation of the voltage, it is hazardous to expensive electronic cards of the cold storage hi-tech machines.

Common Electrical hazards for Cold storage electronics machines

The cold storage machines are designed to accept a wide range of input voltages about its nominal design center. Hence, if the actual supply is higher than the required, the equipment will consume more power. A 230V linear device operating at 240 Volts will consume 9% more power, equipment life is reduced by up to 45% effectively increasing the cost of ownership. There are two common types of electrical hazards are as follows:-

1. Consequences type of electrical hazards- Voltage is the differenceof electrical potential between two points of an electronic circuit, expressed in volts. It depends on the difference of electrical potential; it is called extra low voltage or extra high voltage. All the electrical equipment such as cold storage machines are rated at 400 / 415 Volts three phase. In industries particularly sensitive to smoke and contamination, consequences of a small fire may damage the huge monetary.

  1. Symptoms type of electrical hazards-
  •         reduction in efficiency
  •         power  loss
  •         equipment malfunction
  •         power  factor penalties
  •         equipment and switchgear overheating
  •         frequent shutdowns and early failure
  •         increased  conductor losses
  •         frequent use of generators
  •         production loss  
  •         Increased maintenance bill.

Analysis the power consumption of cold storage plants:

The cold storage plant owner need to know how much energy their units consumes, energy loss occurring in the plant, techno economic feasibility, improvement in safety and methods to curb the losses and save energy. These storage plants are having high failure rate of electrical equipment such as bulbs, tubes, chokes, starters, contactor coils and motors should verify that it may be due to higher voltage. To save the power and machinery from the damages by the electricity fluctuation, we have to install the Servo Stabilizer as per the uses and generally we install three Phase stabilizer in the cold storage plants. Let’s know about the types of the servo stabilizer:-

Types of Servo Stabilizers:

Mainly two types of stabilizers are there, first automatic/ line Servo stabilizers and second one is Servo Stabilizers/Regulators.The servo stabilizer capacity ranges from 5KVA to 2500KVA and gives precise voltage 230 Volts+1%, we install stabilizer as per the requirement of the customer.

3 Phase Stabilizer for the cold storage plants- Expert team of Servo Star recommends Digital Servo Stabilizers for cold storage plant. Because servostar stabilizers ensures easy prevention from malfunction in cold storage machines. These systems are installed with latest digital microprocessors controllers for constant output voltage. The Output voltage stability of these stabilizers allows the optimum drawing of the current without high consumption of power

To safeguard the equipment of cold storage machinery, one has to install three phase Servo Star Stabilizer that offers protection from over load, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage etc. It can also protect customer’s money as the product is on the best range of price in comparison to other product with quality and services.

Market review:

Servo voltage stabilizers are used along with the electronics equipment to protect them from damage due to voltage fluctuations. Since then servo stabilizer has become great utility, its demand is increasing to protect consumers electronics item. As per the Centre for Industrial and Economic Research center India, stabilizers are one of the fastest moving items. The sector is likely to stabilize between 5 and 7 per cent growth rate. As per the Report, the demand estimation is 7.3 million pieces. The estimation is, this demand will go up to 9.3 millions. The demand is increasing due to the poor power distribution & infrastructure. Still there is millions of machine are running without stabilizer and being damaged continuously.

The Electronic products market is fast growing and Servo Star Stabilizers are inevitable in this growing market. At present, experts are preferring servo star stabilizer because of the quality and its better services. Even in the future years the servo voltage stabilizers will continue to be an essential product used in industries.

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