Servo Stabilizer for LED TV

Most of LED TV Manufacturers are mentioning that there is no need of voltage stabilizer for their product because they have built up Modern LED TV with SMPS. It has wider input voltage range of 90V to 280V and TV / Electronic Devices require only 5V DC to operate, so there is no need to spend your money on any kind of stabilizer for LED TV. By giving this example they are trying to show an extra feature of their product while doing advertisement but ground reality is quite different. We will let you know how a servo stabilizer can save your money by protecting valuable appliances from the electricity fluctuation.

It has found that Voltage Fluctuations are quite common in India that can harm or damage your LED TV. This is true that people hardly consider the impact of voltage fluctuations on electricity consumption. We will tell you about its impact on power consumption of various appliances like LED TV, DVD and DTH etc. but first of all let me clear the picture of electricity input voltage standard in India.

Servo Stabilizer for LED TV

Generally in India, electricity distribution is at the range of 230V to 415V for single & three phases. A three phase connection divides into 3 lines each of 230V. Therefore appliances work on the range of 220V to 240V in India. Voltage lower and higher than this range needs to be corrected by Servo Voltage Stabilizer because Inbuilt SMPS of LED TV cannot handle that much of high voltage and may get damaged with LED TV itself.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons, why many LED TVs fail early in their life. It’s not just because of their display technology, but instead because their power caps get busted from power surges or dips. So it is better choice if you install a Servo Voltage Stabilizer for your LED TV. That will not only give protection against hazards like power surges caused by electricity fluctuation, but it would also help keep the every kind of LED TVs operating efficiently.

Conclusion: A LED TV definitely needs a Servo voltage stabilizer. Even though the manufacturer guarantees that the built-in SMPS of the LED TV set would sufficient, but in so many cases it happened to a lot of people that they got their LED TV damaged. Therefore buying the Servo Voltage Stabilizer for your LED TV is really a smart choice. Better to spend few rupees on a Voltage Stabilizer then to get the sight of a blank-screen newly-bought valuable LED TV.

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