Servo Stabilizer is the Boon for Rice Mills in India

West Bengal is the hub of Rice Mills in India. Meanwhile, Haryana, U.P, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh are the state who has the largest production of monsoon crop paddy. Therefore in these state, we can find many Rice mills. Generally, in these state, we find lots of electricity fluctuation and due to this problem, these plants machinery couldn’t work well.

Recently, I got a call from one of my friend who is running his rice mill in Paliganj District West Bengal. He was suffering from his business loss. After describing his story, he was supposed to shut-down his Rice Mill.

In between our discussion, I noticed a clue given by him that there is very poor quality electricity in West Bengal. Every week they have to call or go to the electrician (Technician) to get their machine repaired. Motor and other electrical parts of his rice mill get usually effected due to electricity fluctuation. Their production was getting affected and he was not able to fulfill the contracts condition. Meanwhile, his bills were pending and every month he had to face money problem for staff salary and banks EMI. Finally he decided to close down his business.


If we focus on the main issue of this story that is the electricity fluctuation and to get rid off this problem as an expert a suggested him to install servo voltage stabilizer with his rice Mill. After getting my advice, without giving up he tried once for last and now his business is in profit.

Today, most of the owner who doesn’t have knowledge or security (servo stabilizer) for electricity fluctuation, they have to face heavy loss of machinery & in terms of production too. Sometimes after getting frustrated from the machinery and expenditure, many owners even shut down their Mills.

If you are an owner of Rice Mills or going to establish a Rice Mill, then you must read this article. In this article, we are not only going to give you the knowledge of the electricity fluctuation rates and the voltage which is generally required for your Rice Mills Machinery.

After going through with this article you will find out, it is very easy to run a Rice Mill plant and how you can protect the Rice Mill Machinery from the electricity fluctuation with the help of servo voltage stabilizer.

How Rice Mills Machinery usually don’t work well?

The most critical production are considered for its preparation and electricity fluctuation rates are the main cause of the bad performance. For the generation of rice, the vitality devouring types of gear utilized incorporate blowers, lifts, engines, boilers and steam conveyance etc. The proficiency of the rice relies upon the voltage which is required by the mill’s machinery. Due to continuous electricity fluctuation sometimes machinery gets damaged or doesn’t give the desired performance. Some of Rice machine manufacturer claims that their machines give better performance than another manufacturer. After spending million and million rupees we don’t get satisfied with the machine and their performances. You know what’s the reason behind it? It’s not a fault of your machinery; it is the fault of electrical voltages which you are getting at your rice mill.

If we talk about the hefty portion of the rice plants there are few techniques for rice handling such as drying of rice, processing, brightening, cleaning of rice, reviewing, mixing, sorting and bundling. There are distinctive sorts of sorters and separators utilized for the rice to be free from a clean, diseases, plastic granules, parasitic undesirable grain etc. A Rice Mill machinery includes some of the parts are as follows:

1. Rice Husker: It expels the husk from the paddy rice amid the handling.

2. Paddy Separator: Paddy separator makes the chestnut rice more proficient.

3. Plano-Shifters: These shifters make the rice more uniform and give Rice appropriate size and evaluating with a rapid.

There is diverse sort of parts of the Rice Mill Machinery that usually get affected by electricity voltage fluctuation. Thus, the Rice Mills Machinery don’t work well, to get rid of there is one and only solution that called servo voltage stabilizer. It can protect your rice mills machinery from the electricity fluctuation and save you from expensive machinery damaged and heavy business loss.

Therefore it is mandatory to install a Servo Voltage Stabilizer with your Rice Mills Machinery. To get a good quality Servo Voltage Stabilizer you are suppose to have some of the knowledge regarding the best quality product of Voltage Stabilizers. Have a look on the best Servo Voltage Stabilizer for your rice mill.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

For the protection of electrical machinery, one should install Servo Voltage Stabilizer. It can save your valuable machinery from overload, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage. Usually, due to these problems, your expensive machinery may get damage or not perform in a good manner. Therefore it would be a nice idea to get Servo Voltage Stabilizer installed with your valuable machinery before you get them damaged. To get a Servo Voltage Stabilizer let’s have some of the knowledge regarding the types, features and Benefits of Servo voltage stabilizers-

Types of Voltage Stabilizers:

Two types of Voltage Stabilizers are there, first linear type Servo Stabilizers and other are dimmer type Servo Stabilizers. The Servo Stabilizer capacity ranges from 5KVA to 2500KVA and gives precise voltage 230 Volts+1%, you can get three phase Servo stabilizer installed as per the requirement of Rice Mills-

The experts and engineers always recommend Digital Servo Star Stabilizers for Rice Mills. Because Servo Stars Stabilizers ensure easy prevention from the malfunction in Rice Mill Machines. This system can be installed with latest digital microprocessors controllers for the constant output voltage. It allows the optimum drawing of the current without high consumption of the electricity.

Features of a Servo Voltage Stabilizer

  • It can be accurate to +/-1%
  • Correction rate with 20 to 90v/as
  • Response timing – 10 milliseconds
  • Automatic & manual operation
  • Based on low and high voltage limits
  • High- technique grade component reliable for special sensing
  • Consistent performance & Authentic
  • Ensures constant Output Voltage with distorted input from DG set
  • Highest efficiency up to 98%
  • Insures trouble free operation

Benefits of Servo Stabilizer with Rice Mills:

  • Surge suppression, voltage cut-off, Low & High Voltage overload
  • Instantly steady & accurate the voltage fluctuation
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input imbalance
  • Energy saving with 98% efficiency
  • Protection by MCB, audio-visual alarms, Oil filling exclusive, single phase prevention, bypass of servo with the main Line
  • Constant output voltage and despite load current variations
  • Reduces heating and increases the life of Rice mills machinery

Therefore to safeguard the Rice Mills Machinery, you have to install three-phase Servo Stabilizer. Many Rice mills are surviving by the help Servo voltage stabilizers. Now it has become a boon for Rice Mills Machinery to protect it against overload, short circuit, undervoltage, overvoltage and other specific requirements. Meanwhile, it can also save your money as the product is on the best range of price in comparison to other product with quality and services.

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