Why Chennai and Coimbatore is a big market for Servo stabilizer?

Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer in Chennai

Servo Stabilizers
are preferred as maintenance-free voltage controllers that offer smooth voltage supply to the household and industry. However, there are some parts of India which suffer from too much power problem.  In a case study based on southern India, it was found that power fluctuations are a daily setback in cities like Chennai and parts of Coimbatore.  Hence, the market of Chennai and Coimbatore has seen a rise in demand for Servo Stabilizer that can be discussed below.

Chennai and Coimbatore both are hot and humid areas. Many neighborhood areas like Virugumbakkam, Saligramam and parts of Alwarthirunagar constantly face power crises.  Being the temperature soaring high at noon and humid in the evening, the erratic voltage doesn’t give a chance to be trusted.  Adding to that, the high usage of air conditioners at night & noon makes voltage dip even further.  Constant power fluctuation leads to more difficulties. This deems necessary to install a Servo unit that provides optimum current output to run all gadgets safely.  It will correct the flickering of lights and even run the electrical appliances when the voltage is in the 212V-213V range. Emphatically, a Servo Stabilizer manufacturer in Chennai or Coimbatore can suffice.  Sidestepping this precaution can aggravate this problem greater.
Industrial setup: 


Coimbatore is among the most industrially developed and commercially vibrant districts in Tamil Nadu. The region boasts of over 45,000 manufacturing units across sectors, mostly in the MSME segment on the Coimbatore-Tirupur-Erode industrial corridor.  The industrial economy is largely driven by textiles, silk industries, auto components, steel, educational institutions and information technology (IT).  Once called ‘Manchester of the South’, Coimbatore has a large number of small and medium textile mills.  This vast manufacturing hub consumes huge loads and requires constant voltage supply due to the nature of the business.  Moreover, out of these, there are about40 percent spinning units in and around Coimbatore that demand regular power transmission.  The Government has predicted the current spend on engineering services to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2020. The spurt in demand for electricity has seen quite a phenomenal growth in this area yet problems relating to power regulation and management still need proper rehabilitation. Perhaps, this substantive rise in demand for electricity needs more stabilizers to run the engineering sector.  So the increment in the demand for electricity needs more stabilizers to run the engineering sector.


International perspective: 
Being an international platform for commerce, it is good news for many investors.  Big brands like Mahindra- Ford preferred Tamil Nadu over Maharashtra for its main assembly plant. Chennai has seen a rise in the economic value of its cities.  More foreign investments from the automobile sector of five other automobile giants- Mitsubishi, Daimler, Nissan, Renault and BMW have made Chennai the preferred place of commerce making an increment in demand for power.  Don’t forget USA’s Caterpillar, Japan’s Komatsu and South Korea’s Doosan as large earth moving equipment manufacturers. This changeover has made Chennai a grand business marketplace.  So definitely, there has been a considerable increment in power utilization giving way to fluctuations and unreliable output of a limited supply. It is highly likely that the place will expand its energy consumption to higher levels over the years ahead. Installation of power control units and stabilizers is the need of the time. A Servo manufacturer in Chennai would be of great assist.


Skilled labour: 
We see the market evolving but the main reason which has encouraged automotive players to invest in Tamil Nadu is the very friendly policy of the government towards investors.  Since 2006, investments crossing Rs. 4000 crores in the region are given special incentives.  More investments in these sectors call in for more skilled labour.  Chennai being a promoter of the engineering class, easy land acquisitions and tax rebate has attracted automotive players of different class and sizes were more than two million vehicles are manufactured every year. As per Directorate of Census Operation, Tamil Nadu in 2011 had work participation rate at 59.3% for males and 31.8% for females, 6% higher ratio than the rest of India.  Secondly, the education system provides for mandatory schooling in the state.  It is compulsory for every child in Chennai to attend three years of kindergarten school and ten years of primary and secondary education and two years of higher secondary schooling.  This system means a higher number of educated youth can contribute to the various categories like goods and services, manufacturing, etc.  Such an environment is best for Servo manufacturing unit.

Raw material availability: Chennai, formerly called Madras being a vast state carries the flow of heavy mechanical base to the forefront where stats show that it’s mineral production remained high above 4522 crores in 2011.  Since this is a mineral state, the easy availability of different metals makes up for the cost and easy transportation requirements to the site of manufacture.  Since copper is an excellent source of electricity conductor, it becomes an integral material that is used in making a Servo Stabilizer.  The dimmer and carbon brush attached to the circulated insulation in a Servo make rotational adjustments on the winding to give the optimum output.  Villupuram is rich in copper deposits and favorable for manufacturing units that make electrical components, Servo Stabilizer definitely can be produced in Chennai because raw material availability will cut cost on transportation and Good and Service Tax (GST) as well as also put an impact on the overall cost of the product. Ergo, we find that Chennai is a promising business site for Servo Voltage Stabilizer production.  The demographic location as well as the number of factors like accessibility to raw material, number of skilled personnel and the urge to necessitate power protection in the face of many natural factors de facto lead to an indirect demand for Servo Stabilizers in the state and beyond.

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