Servo Voltage Stabilizer for AC (Air Conditioner)

Why does your AC require Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

    1. If in the locality of the office, industry, Engineering plants, Medical center, Textile plants or in the Institution area has a voltage fluctuation beyond the operating voltage limit, then a servo voltage stabilizer is required for your Air conditioners.
    2. Servo voltage stabilizer is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level for the load of Air-conditioners to prevent undue power failures.
    3. In AC equipment, low voltage drop reduces the performance that would also reduce the life of the Air-Conditioners.
    4. AC motor produces less torque and hence the speed under low voltage and they produce more speed than desired during overvoltage. This degrades motor life and also causes insulation damage of the Air-conditioners under high voltages.
    5. In case of induction cooling, low voltage reduces cooling output which causes the load to operate the inappropriate temperatures than desired at your workplace.
    6. Servo stabilizer is used to protect AC from voltage or current spikes. A surge in current can sometimes damage internal component such as Compressor, Condenser, Condenser Cooling Fan, expansion valve etc. that could be expensive to replace when compared to cost of owning a stabilizer.
    7. An inverter Air-conditioners are required a clean power source though it has protection of Compressor, Condenser, Condenser Cooling Fan, expansion valve and if there is uneven power supply to inverter Ac then it would ideally trip the unit which may need a technician to reset it. This could deprive you of cooling until product is fixed; ideally a Servo stabilizer is required.


    1. Some people think that their AC is in warranty period. If something goes wrong within a year, no need to worry we have warranty for our product. Take it to the service centre to sort-out the problem and if they say it’s because that you don’t have a stabilizer. Get the product replaced or repaired and uses it without a stabilizer. In this case they are not only taking disadvantage of the service but also losing our valuable time in getting their AC repaired and some time they have to spend lots of time without AC even they have been paid for it.
    2. Servo voltage stabilizer protects number of AC of an Institution with power saving mode as per use and requirement of the Air-Conditioners. Let’s take an example if a bigger house or an Industry which has more than 5 AC. Now this has two options either to go for individual voltage stabilizer or install a central stabilizer of may be more than 20 KVA. As voltage stabilizer comes till 15 KVA, so one has to go with Servo Voltage Stabilizer not only for Offices, Home, and shops but for the Hotels, Malls, Oil Industry and food processing units too.


3. Some of modern Air-conditioner comes within build Stabilizer but they are not only expansive, even you may not find quality mentions as blows that one should look for the salient feature in an AC Voltage Stabilizer :-

A. Indicators- Indicators display the voltage which has been regulated in order to supply power to the appliance. Newer models are also enabled with LED indicators.

B. Time Delay Systems- This feature enables a time lapse so that the inbuilt compressor (in case of a refrigerator or air conditioner etc.) gets sufficient time to balance the current flow, when a short duration power cut occurs.

C. Digitized with variety of devices – Interesting part these newer models is that they are not only digitized, but they also adapt themselves to a variety of devices. So what you need to do is, shift the stabilizer from one device to another to get it to work. Most of them can also connect and adapt to generators if it is installed.

D. Overload Protection- The overload protection feature turns off the stabilizer output completely in case of short circuit or any kind of burn-out due to overload occurs.

To overcome above mentioned effects of voltage variations, Servo voltage stabilizers are needed.

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