Difference between a Servo Voltage Stabilizer and a UPS


Today, most of the electrical equipment and machinery requires Servo voltage stabilizer for the better performance.

Mostly, due to electricity fluctuation, any of electrical products don’t perform well.  In that case, to get desired performance from the electrical equipment or machinery, it has become mandatory to install a good quality servo voltage stabilizer.

I will show you:

How you can get rid of from the electricity fluctuation and also for the protection of valuable equipment.  

Generally, it has seen that some of user or owners of any electrical machinery don’t know the difference between the servo voltage stabilizer and UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

That is why due to misunderstanding  they buy UPS instead of a servo voltage stabilizer and sometimes they have to face lots of problems, therefore it is most important to know about the differences and benefits of both.

To make you better understand about it, I want to tell you my own experience by telling you a short story of my cousin.

My cousin brother Manoj Baisla is a professional photographer and he has his own digital photo lab in Palwal district of Haryana, India. He spent millions for buying digital printing machine and Online UPS. But due to electricity fluctuation, his work was affecting.

Why is it so ? Explained in the last of the article . If you have installed the Online UPS still you need to have Servo voltage Stabilizer

Are you confused? what to buy a servo voltage stabilizer or Online UPS……

Let me also tell you some facts that no one will tell you.


Facts: About  Online UPS & Servo voltage Stabilizer!

Firstly, I want to make it clear there is no comparison between servo voltage stabilizers and UPS therefore both have lots of differences.

A UPS can’t be compared in any condition with Servo voltage stabilizer but people generally think that after getting a UPS they needn’t to worry about any electrical problems.

Due to this misunderstanding sometimes they don’t even get their valuable product damaged but it can also give them a big loss in case of medical and IT equipment.

Attention please!

If you are an owner of a company or you have got any of electrical equipment like AC, LED TV, Workstation, Printing Machine or Cath Lab(Medical machine) etc.  

You must read this article to get insight and find out the appropriate solution for the protection of your electrical equipment.

Now let me explain about (UPS) uninterruptible power supply, for you…

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is to supply uninterrupted power to the equipment. It works as per its name. There are two types of UPS available in the market:

  1.       Offline UPS /Inverter
  2.       Online UPS

Generally, people use offline UPS with small electrical equipment such as LED TV, Computer etc. But online UPS are bigger than offline one and used with big electrical machines Like MRI machines, CNC Machines, textile machine & data Centres etc.

But the fact is!

Offline UPS sometime it may not supply proper voltage. Meanwhile, online UPS can supply uninterrupted voltage but if we talk about the cost of an online UPS in comparison to (SVS) Servo voltage stabilizer it’s five times higher than SVS.   

A servo voltage stabilizer can help you for the protection of valuable electrical equipment…

I will show you how

Servo voltage stabilizer:

To make you better understand, I would like to give you an example…

Suppose! A farmer usually eat two KG breakfast to survive up to noon time with his hard work at the farm. Instead of two KG breakfast if he gets only one KG meal.

Will he be able to work up to noon time with the same performance? The answer is no!

Same case is with electrical equipment. Generally, we cannot get their best performance unless we don’t provide them proper voltage which they required.

Let’s talk about the proper voltage supply!

At present, we do have lots of power fluctuation rate even after the many efforts of electricity boards regarding this issue but still have no solution from their side.

Rightnow! We will not go in the depth of those points but definitely, focus on the solution of this problem through the servo voltage stabilizer.

Have some knowledge about servo Voltage stabilizer here…

Servo voltage stabilizer can regulate the output voltage within ±1 % of the standard voltage and the variation in the voltage will be smooth without interruptions with it.

The servo Voltage stabilizer can be designed for a wide variation of the voltage with ease. Meanwhile, it also has reasonably quick correction time.

Most importantly you must know about the pros & cons of Both products by taking an instance of printing machine.


If you have installed the Online UPS still you need to have Servo Voltage Stabilizer

To charge  the batteries connected with Online UPS minimum of 170  Input Voltage is required, but if the input voltage is below 170V, one is forced to buy a servo Voltage stabilizer also.

Suppose user has not installed the servo Voltage stabilizer & he is getting regularly low voltage (below 170V). Online UPS will give constant voltage of 230V to the machine, but in this batteries are being used and any online UPS has limited backup and batteries will be drained if power is still coming.

So user has to install servo  Voltage stabilizer to charge the batteries.

He took my guideline and I saved him for millions. Now he has got a servo voltage stabilizer installed with his Photo-lab Machines and his business is running smoothly.


Pros & Cons of Servo Voltage Stabilizer & Online UPS with Printing Machine

Normally the power requirement of a five color  offset printing machine is 100 kva. To give constant voltage to the printing machine customer can either install Online UPS or Servo Voltage Stabilizer.

Since the function of both servo voltage stabilizer & Online UPS is to give constant voltage of 220V or 400V.  

Meanwhile, online UPS gives a little more safety because if power goes suddenly! Still machine will be running because Online UPS gives supply without interruption.

If a customer goes for 100 kva Online UPS its one time cost is 7Lac. No doubt! Customer can bear this cost when is comes to the safety of the machine.

But the point is !

This is not one time cost since SMF batteries are connected with the UPS requires continuous replacement after 2 years or so. Also the AMC cost of Online UPS is very high.

Hence, if customer choose Servo Voltage Stabilizer, he/she have peace of mind regarding the cost & maintenance of Servo Stabilizer.

Since very less electronic circuitry is involved into servo stabilizer & thereby chances of malfunctioning is very very less.

Generally, servo voltage stabilizer is installed with telecom equipment, photocopier machines, offset printing presses, AC plants, molding and machine tools machine, medical machines, scientific equipment and other computer monitored products etc.

The truth is!

Servo voltage stabilizer and UPS are two different techniques for the safe power supply to electrical equipment…

Offline UPS may not protect your electrical product because that is not to control the power fluctuation purely. It is to supply power in case of power cut but the main problem with Offline UPS is it can supply power for the limited time after that your equipment may not work according to your desired performance.

Meanwhile, an online UPS can provide uninterrupted power, but if an electronic equipment requires voltage between 170 to 200 and the power supply is 140.

No doubt! An online UPS voltage 170 to 200 but for a limited period of time because it would supply voltage through batteries.

After some time batteries may not supply the constant voltage to the machinery because of the poor electricity supply which is only 140 and requirement if for 170 to 200.

But in that case, a servo voltage stabilizer can provide required voltage. Not only this if we compare UPS with Servo voltage stabilizer.

Online UPS is five times expensive than SVS. However, they have different technique and features.