Use an Isolation transformer to have 100% Shock Proof Home

We all have got some mild shock in one way or another in our lifetime, or at least have either read about it or seen people meeting an ill-fate of getting shocked, There’s nothing new in it. If you have to use electricity and want to avail the comfort of life, then you have to put yourself to risk shock at any point of time, as the electric current cannot differentiate between the friend and the foe. Or in other words if we are using electrical or electronic gadget we have principally accepted that we are willing to get shocked in case it happens because the protections may fail and things may go wrong because of ill designing or inferior quality products, which showcase them as the best in the class, while they are nothing short of being worse.

But do you really need to risk your life from electrical shock?

Risking life from an electrical shock is an important question to discuss, ponder, and explore. Is it essential to risk our lives if we need to use electricity and want to comfort ourselves with lifestyle innovations and gadgets?

And the loud and the clear answer is a big ‘NO’!

Sounds strange! Yes, you are not wrong, and you are not the first to get shocked without getting an electric shock after reading it. There are ways to wire your homes in an entirely ‘SHOCKPROOF’ manner without leaving your family, friends, near ones, and dear ones along with yourself to risk electric shock.

But then why don’t we do so?

Yes, you heard it right that it is possible to have shock-proof homes, but then the simple question is why we people don’t go for them and risk our self. Do we don’t want to have safe homes and safe families? No, we want our families and all safe.

Just because we don’t know so, and our electricians or other engineers we are consulting to wire our homes, themselves are as ignorant as we are. But don’t worry. Stick to this article and today we will explore a new world in front of you which we will make you free from the shackles of this draconian electric shocks.

What shall we do?

We need to install an Electrical Isolator Transformer at the incoming supply after our electrical utility meter and need to wire our wirings differently, as shown here. We have to isolate utility earthing from our home earthing. We need to have a separate earthing to connect all our household electrical gadgets, to provide them earthing. This new earthing will save us from getting shocked in case some fault occurs in our supply.

How does an Isolator transformer save you from a shock?

Before embarking directly on the question in context, let us understand, what precisely this isolation transformer is.

An isolation transformer galvanically isolates the incoming side of your electrical power supply from the utility power supply. It transfers the electrical power from an AC power source to the powered device after completely isolating it. This ensures that any fault on the power source side should not impact the load connected on the other side of the transformer.

Thus, the connected load is totally safe, protected, and properly guarded against any unusual thing that might happen during use. In case the isolated transformer is not connected between the power source and the load, then all the faults on the power side will be transferred to the load side. It would result in jeopardizing the equipment as well as the person using that equipment.

The neutral point of the alternator is earthed on the generating side. Similarly, the neutral point of the power transformer at the substation is also earthed and so is earthed the star point of the distribution transformer supplying power directly to your premises. The neutral point reaching your home is also earthed to the same point as it is three phases four-wire system. And, this brings the neutral and the earth at the same potential in our home. Therefore, when we come in contact with the live wire at our home, our body provides the return path to the current, which gets connected with the earthing of the generating station and give us a severe shock. So, in case we have isolated the earthing by using an isolated transformer then the circuit at the generating station won’t get completed via your body, saving you from any such shock.

But, here’s a big catch. We should not confuse the isolating of earthing via isolation transformer with removing the earthing from our electrical gadgets. We are not required to remove the earthing of our premises. Instead, we need to isolate the earthing point of our home from the grounding point of the generating station. Because in case if we would remove the earthing of our equipment, then we are bound to receive a shock in case of leakage current flowing through the body of the gadgets. The isolating transformer isolates the earthing of the generating station from the earthing of our home, as shown earlier.

Let’s understand the earthing connected at the various points as mentioned here at generating station, substation, and distribution transformer.

Conclusion – Thus, we can easily save ourselves and all others by installing an Isolation transformer at our premises. We hope we have clarified you to how to achieve it. But in case you have further queries or clarifications, you could please contact us at under mentioned website, address or on our phone numbers. Our experts and engineers would be happy to guide you in creating a shockproof homeworld. We, Servostar Servo Voltage Stabilizers are an established renowned manufacturer based out of India and are catering to entire pan India in power equipment like Servo Stabilizers and all type of transformers including isolation transformers for domestic households and other industries. We have a proven track record of supplying isolated transformers to isolate homes and other premises from utility faults besides making homes entirely shockproof. We do provide consultancy services also.