Purpose of isolation transformer in UPS ?

First of all, we need to understand, what is the isolation transformer and how does it work? Basically, this transformer is used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some devices or equipment.

Usually, this machine isolates the powered device from the power source for safety reason and help to supply a clean power. Before we go ahead to discuss the use of an isolation transformer with UPS, let’s know how it does works.

How does an isolation transformer work ?

Basically, the isolation transformer is built with special insulation between primary and secondary coils. These transformers are specified to withstand a high voltage between windings and ensure the safety of the electrical devices.

Along with it, the isolation transformer blocks transmission of the DC component in signals from a track to another one. Hence, it allows AC components in signals to pass the electricity.



Use of isolation transformers in ups:

The isolation transformers are being used in online ups systems in several organizations to secure valuable machinery. Meanwhile, it is the area for debating amongst the power quality of authorities.

In fact!

Many UPS contain the transformer of voltage conversion and allow output voltages in the constant way to protect electric equipment. In some cases, the auto formers are used but many organizations that use sensitive machinery worth millions can’t take a risk and prefer isolation transformers.

Meanwhile, many experts always argue that isolation transformers India are the only way of eliminating general mode noise because it can offer the highest amount of security for the equipment which is used in the medical, research and IT line.

However, many isolation transformers manufacturers India refer to the ordinary mode noise, but it supposed to consider as the electrical potential inequality between the 2 points of an isolation transformer.

Functions of Isolation Transformer in the UPS:

As per the design, the biggest difference between transformer-based UPSs and transformer-less UPSs is obviously it does not have the isolation transformer. Therefore, its weight and size become much lighter and their efficiency improves visibly in comparison to transformer-based UPSs.

But, with transformer-based UPSs, there are significant advantages in comparison to transformerless UPSs. However, it has decades of history, that many UPS users doubt the performance of transformer-less UPSs and following problems can be occurred without using the isolation transformer in it:

  • Outputs will not be isolated from inputs.
  • Interference cannot be restrained without it.
  • The neutral-ground voltage will not be reduced.
  • Faults cannot be isolated without using isolations transformer.
  • Low-frequency 3n-order harmonics will not be restrained without it.

Moreover, through comparison based on principles, we need to clarify whether transformer-less UPS without the isolation transformer have aforesaid problems compared with transformer-based UPSs. Therefore, let’s see why it is necessary to use an isolation transformer with UPS.

Why is the necessary to use isolation transformer?

Basically, with this technology, higher frequency DC divides the higher frequency transformers and converts into steady DC voltages having usually 5V-12V both positive – negative waves.

Therefore, these high-frequency isolation transformers ensures that the incoming neutrals as life are completely isolated from DC output levels. So, it is mandatory to install isolation transformers with UPS for electrical safety.

Hence, noise on earth cannot spread the electrical signals inside electronic appliance due to the content power supply. After installing isolations transformer with UPS an electronic gadget can’t generate noise in their working process.

Along with it, the earth conductors are enclosed and used to with zero volt-line in it. Thus it is interpreted incorrectly that earth input power conductors are internally circulated to ensure equipment safety.


Therefore, it is indicating the requirement for isolation transformers India for shielding against the tools which bump into the current judicial necessities. So it must be connected with appropriately installed electrical machinery for their desired performance and safety.

Undoubtedly, sometimes its installation may not be up to the mark and composure provided by isolation transformers India can be a worthless investment. Therefore, it is mandatory to get isolation transformer from reliable isolation transformers manufacturer in India.


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