How to stop Power Failures in Rainy Season?


We all enjoy the rain, and so you would be!

Isn’t it? But nothing comes alone; everything comes in a package. All coins have two sides and so do rain have. It brings joys and sorrows both.

With rain comes the electrical failures and with it comes the production loss in industries and inconvenient life at home. So, where ever you are, the second side of the coin takes away the pleasure of the first.

But, ever thought why this failure occurs and how we can overcome them to not to get affected by their drawbacks and keep enjoying the fruit.

What are the frequent electrical failures during the Rainy Season?

The commonly occurring electrical failure during rainy days is the voltage variation, electrical shocks, power outages, transformer explosions, and many more. Here we will be dwelling on one of the leading cause which has affected many of us in more than one way. And, it is the voltage variations and fluctuations which leads to significant equipment failures besides resulting in monetary losses or unimaginable inconvenience.

Though we are severely affected by it, but we don’t have any control over them. And, therefore, the wisdom lies in guarding against them, rather than suffering from them and complaining about them.

Why Voltage fluctuations and variations happen more in Rainy Seasons?

The voltage fluctuations and the variations are more of neighbourhood problems rather than your own. The voltage fluctuations arise because of mainly two reasons.

1) Sudden disconnection of large loads in your neighbourhood results in the sudden rise of the voltage. This sudden rise could disturb your working machines and other sensitive gadgets like computers, CNC machines, Testing and Measuring Instruments of test labs, Medical Equipment, and other electronic devices. In rainy seasons the power disruptions are at their peak, and any neighbourhood disruption could lead you to the problem, if not guarded against it.

2) Suddenly, switching in of inductive loads as the furnace, large motors, compressors, etc. These inductive loads draw heavy current during their starting and therefore result in a sudden dip in the voltage. This additional load could be from your premises or from the neighbourhood too., which can tilt your entire process.

3) Earthing failures, and other surges and spikes which are potent enough to damage your machines and other appliances in spite of being guarded by all type of protective relays.

4) Transformer explosions are other major cause of power failures during rainy seasons. Which, could halt your entire production and bring your complete setup at a halt. It would result in plunging your entire industry in the dark in addition to sending the whole process out of the gear.

During rainy seasons, since the equipment failures are at the peak. Therefore, any fault in your neighbourhood is deadly for your setup too.

But, how shall I save myself from my neighbourhood electrical failures?

By installing Servostar Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Isolator Transformers at your premises after the utility supply, can safeguard all your machines and other equipment from any neighbourhood failure, which otherwise also is not in your control. You have to either bear it or prevent it by installing voltage stabilizers as well as isolation transformers to maintain your own stabilized voltage supply feeding your machines and plant besides isolating it from the neighbourhood failures and other troubles.

If you have done it, you could easily save your time and money both in addition to making you, and your employees live safer from electrical shocks. It, in turn, will keep your business running irrespective of whether it’s raining or not.

Conclusion – In the light of the above, the wisdom lies in immediately installing a world-class voltage stabilizer and an isolation transformer in your premises, if it’s not installed. 

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